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The true meaning of gift giving

New York inspired gift basket

The true meaning of gift giving

Giving gifts is about more than spending money, buying affection or pleasing others. The true purpose of giving a gift is providing someone in your life with a token of appreciation and a reminder of the bond those two people share.


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However, not everyone understands the true meaning of gift giving and it is very important that children learn this at an early age to avoid the complications that may arise from this later in life. Some kids may develop anxiety as their birthday or any other holiday where they’re supposed to receive a gift approaches. They can experience restless nights leading to the moment of unwrapping gifts and severe disappointment if their expectations are not met.

Spoiling children with gifts is not a good idea as this will prevent them from learning some valuable lessons that they will need to know as they grow older. Whilst it is important to reinforce good behavior with gifts and rewards, as well as to mark and celebrate certain life milestones and special occasions like birthdays and holidays, giving too many gifts to children will spoil them and make them miss the point of what a meaningful gift actually is.

Showering your child with trinkets and loads of gifts that they might not appreciate or cherish very deeply defeats the whole purpose of gift giving. Aim for one meaningful and/or useful gifts instead various not-so-meaningful presents so you can teach your children the value of things as well as re-affirming the importance of the occasion.

If you feel the need to give more presents to your child, try with things that teach them the value of generosity. Your child must learn that giving gifts is just as important –if not more- than receiving them, the same way they need to learn about the importance of sharing. Teach your kid that they must give gifts to the important people in their lives just the same way they receive them, of course, a child might not have the resources to go out and buy a new watch for their mum or dad but they can make them a special card.

A good gift for your child could be a gift basket that you can all enjoy together, learning the value of generosity, giving and sharing.

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