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Tackle the holiday gifts at the office like a pro

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Tackle the holiday gifts at the office like a pro

Christmas is just around the corner and you’re probably stressing out about the gifts you are planning to give to your coworkers, employees or your boss. Nevertheless, gift-giving in the workplace doesn’t have to be stressful.


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With these hacks you’ll be able to master the delivery of presents at your office with ease and grace.

  • First of all, you must understand that spending more money won’t necessarily translate in a more memorable gift.
  • Thoughtfulness is key, so try to learn about the people you want to give a gift to in order to give them something that will truly align with their lifestyle, taste or preferences.
  • Intention counts so don’t focus just on the gift but also on the way you present the gesture. At the end of the day giving a gift is about showing appreciation.
  • A customized present is always a good call and although gift cards may be practical, a unique and useful gift will always make a massive difference and have a way more positive impact.
  • If your budget is not very high, aim for something more meaningful than expensive. Share something that means a lot to you or to both of you -you and the recipient– if you want to make sure the present will be spot on.
  • Avoid giving alcohol as a present, try chocolate or other food gifts presented in an interesting way like a gift basket or with tools and utensils that come in handy for serving said food.
  • Homemade soaps, candles or even treats are also a nice gift to share with people in the workplace.
  • If you’re giving a gift to your boss, try to get others involved. That way you won’t only save money but also make for a more significant gesture. Have each person on the team participate with a certain amount of money and buy a collective gif that matches the taste and preferences of your boss. Even better if your boss will be able to enjoy said gift during his/her downtime.
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