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Send your child back to college with a New York-inspired gift basket

Send your child back to college with a New York-inspired gift basket

New York City is the center of the world. If your child is going to college and you want to send a piece of home with him or her, a New York inspired gift basket with all the treats a young student will need to get through long nights studying and feeling homesick could be a meaningful gesture.

Holbrook Cottage has a broad selection of New York-inspired gourmet gift baskets that can make any student’s college life better. That’s regardless of how far he or she is from home. They offer 13 different boxes for you to choose from. Choose the one that best fits the taste and lifestyle of your kid. These are some of their most popular treats for those New Yorkers studying away from home.

Tri-Borough’s Top Gourmet Treats

This includes local favorites such as honey roasted peanuts, jalapeño and jerk, dark rich chocolate, and espresso. However, the box features many other surprises to satisfy any NYC cravings your kid gets while still away from home.


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The Brooklyn Hipster Delight In B&W Gift Box

Chocolate and cookies are the main stars of their Brooklynites’ favorite. The Brooklyn Hipster Delight In B&W Gift Box features delicious treats that can help you satisfy the craving for sweets during long study nights.

Empire State Of Snacking Gourmet Basket

The Empire State Of Snacking Gourmet Basket includes everything from brownies to beer caramel and popcorn to black bean salsa. It’s both sweet and savory to make your snacking sessions interesting and delightful every time.

Hip-To-Be-Square Nosh Box

Picture nuts, cookies, popcorn, brownies, chocolate and shortbread. They’re all in the delicious Hip-To-Be-Square Nosh Box, a treat to accompany your kid to college. These sweet treats can boost their energy on long study nights.

The New York City’s Favorite Gourmet Gift Box

Here is a winter favorite. If you’re all for making your kids feel closer to home while they’re away in college, this box is perfect. It’s a pleasant reminder of home sweet home and its delicious treats.

New York Uptown Crowd-Pleaser Gourmet Basket

If you want to treat your kids and motivate them in college, there’s nothing like an epic gourmet basket. This helps them get through the hardest days at school. The New York Uptown Crowd-Pleaser Gourmet Basket is a real treasure for those who love to snack.

Big Apple Foodie Favorites

If your kid is a foodie, the Big Apple Foodie Favorites is the ideal gift to send back with them to college after the next holiday break. Apples, cheese, top quality chocolate and many other delicious treats to remind your child of the best part of spending the holidays at home.

For over 20 years, Holbrook Cottage has been helping people to spread thoughtfulness and kindness from Briarcliff Manor with delicious gourmet food from among the finest resources available. Their Corporate Gift Department completes the offering at Holbrook Cottage, with a team of professionals ready to assist you.

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