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Do restaurants have a recipe for success?

Do restaurants have a recipe for success?

The restaurant business can be one of the most difficult but some savvy restaurateurs have come up with an idea that might not be very revolutionary for most but for many, it’s a business savior.

Taking an idea that works and tweak it or maybe even reshape it, can give you unexpectedly positive results. That’s the case of several eateries in San Diego, California.

A theme, a busy location, attractive prices, a service model and especially, winning recipes are the secrets of many restaurant owners who thrive at managing various successful restaurants.

Like many others, Brian Malarkey and his partner shuttered Burlap and re-opened it as Searsucker, after the successful establishment in the Gaslamp. They believe starting a new restaurant from scratch is not only expensive but also, very risky. But it’s not just about opening another of the same restaurant in a new location. Even if you are using the same name as an already established eatery, unless you are aiming to a chain restaurant, the best approach is to make the new establishment an extension of the original one, but an extension that reflects the community where it is located and the specific abilities and culinary style of its chef.


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But none of these efforts will take your restaurant anywhere unless you are aware of applying food safety practices adequately. Taking care of your customers means flawless service, attentive treatment,high-quality ingredients, tasty dishes, and a positive experience; but it also means avoiding a food borne illness and sick clients.

California food safety classes can help prevent an outbreak. 

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