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Why are some people making their own Christmas gifts?

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Why are some people making their own Christmas gifts?

Frugal living has been a thing for many years. But recently, it has become about more than a measure to save money and don’t overspend because people are unable to afford a certain lifestyle. Instead frugal living has become a matter of mindfulness, environmental consciousness, the minimalist living trend and other lifestyle choices of the younger generations who prefer to invest on experiences and travel than on material possessions.

Following that line of thinking many handmade gifts have made their way to under the Christmas trees in many homes, as a direct result of the various DIY endeavors of many people who have chosen to make the gifts for their loved ones themselves. The interest in DIY presents has been growing increasingly and edibles are amongst people’s favorites.


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With the busy lives most people lead these days, any gift made by someone at the expense of their own time, is way more valuable than anything you’ve purchased. In fact, many gift shops are popping around the world to help you put together personalized gift baskets for your loved ones that you can then give them as a gift.

For those with an interest in eco-friendly options, a DIY gift can be the perfect alternative, especially nowadays that DIY projects are all the rage, not only for gift giving but also in every other aspect of life you can think of. Many people have taken to heart how much waste we generate every week and have decided to recycle and up cycle as many things as possible, and a nice way to do so, is creating something beautiful and thoughtful for someone else.

There are many easy ways in which you can join the DIY Christmas gifts trend. You don’t have to go all the way with it to the point of making the gifts yourself, but you can just save money and resources by wrapping presents on tea towels, recycled paper, or pretty eco bags. Add a personal touch by replacing plastic ribbons with aromatic herbs and flower decorated twines. You can also use foraged branches and oranges to style Christmas table centerpieces.

If you want to go all the way and make your own gifts, the possibilities are endless; you can do salad or cocktail gardens with planted leafy greens or herbs for your favorite summer cocktails. You can also do scrap books or prepare a homemade jam and store it in beautifully decorated jars. But if you don’t have time, you can also get Holbrook Cottage to help you put together a personalized gift basket as a present for your loved ones.

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