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NY gifts for your loved ones at large

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NY gifts for your loved ones at large

If you, like many New Yorkers, have family living elsewhere in the country or even abroad, a traditional New York gift might be the perfect way to show them your affection this Christmas. It’s been said that New York is the capital of the world, and the city has plenty of aliases to go by. However, not everyone has had the chance to visit recently or at all, and a memento of New York can be a great way to make your loved ones feel closer to you during these holidays


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Aside from our New York-inspired gourmet basket, there are many other gifts that you can send to your family outside the state. From Christmas-y scale models of the Statue of Liberty and Central Park snow globes to Big Apple themed decoration items or even the classic I heart New York T-Shirts, the possibilities are endless.

New York is not only about the New York City landmarks and the posh suburbs with their white picket fences and Sunday bbq, it’s also about the street food and the homemade marmalade some lady has been doing for 30 years somewhere Upstate.

Great things have come out of New York. Iconic sport teams and athletes, as well as entertainers and artists, New York has been the cradle or at least the trampoline of thousands of careers, dreams and projects that have become a reality that remains relevant today.

If you’re thinking about New York-inspired gifts for your loved ones at large this season, try finding the common ground between the city and their personal preferences. For those who like music, there are thousands of iconic bands and musicians they will surely enjoy, from Frank Sinatra to The Strokes, and from Method Man to the New York Philharmonic you will find something that your loved ones who are into music  will cherish for a long time.

For the sport fans, any memorabilia, including clothes and accessories branded with one of the famous New York teams will do the trick and for those who love the arts, there’s plenty of interesting things to be found at the gift shops of the MET or the MoMA. And nothings screams New York like its food, so you might want to consider a New York exclusive box of treats or New York gift basket like the ones we have at Holbrook.

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