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The Mediterranean Diet Could Fix Your Issues In Bed

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The Mediterranean Diet Could Fix Your Issues In Bed

If you, like nearly half the middle aged men in the United States, have had to deal with erectile dysfunction, the first thing you’ll hear upon seeking erectile dysfunction doctor New York services, is that you need to take better care of your body. That means more exercise and a better diet. Easier said than done, right? Living in New York means work is a top priority. Most American men tend to eat on the run simply because their jobs don’t permit them to sit down and eat a healthy meal three times a day. Well that’s fair. But if you’re interested in making some changes, the first thing you have to do is figure what entails a healthy meal in the first place. A great place to start is with the Mediterranean diet.

Why ED Is Worth Worrying About

Well aside from the obvious fact that it disrupts an aspect of your life that should bring you the most pleasure of your day, erectile dysfunction could also signal more serious illnesses. It could be your body signaling the onset of diabetes. You might have nerve damage. Most commonly ED is the early signs that you’re having issues with blood circulation and heart disease. If your body is sending you message, it’s your responsibility to make a change because no one else can do it for you. It starts with your diet.

What’s In The Mediterranean Diet

Somehow, the good folks living by the Mediterranean Sea figured out a way to eat delicious food that is actually good for you. Bless their hearts because over here in the US it’s a daily struggle. But enough build up. Let’s get down to the details. What exactly is in this magical diet anyway? Well, it’s heavy on fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. They’re also big on fish and white meat instead of the processed meats that you now know for a fact that you shouldn’t be eating. But that’s all stuff you probably already knew about.


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What you may not have known are the ingredients that you’re so accustomed to including in all of your meals that are making more of a difference than you realize. Instead of seasoning with salt and pepper, look up healthier and tastier herbs and spices. Salt and pepper is a state of mind. And the time has come for you to break out of it.

But above all, perhaps the most defining feature of Mediterranean diet that sets it apart from the average American dish is the oil. Instead of throwing massive blocks of butter on the pan, try using olive oil and canola oil, both which have healthy fats. They’re tastier and they’re healthier. Kind of a win/win. The only setback is that extra virgin olive oil tends to be tad bit pricier.

If you or your partner has suddenly begun showing repeated signs of ED, perhaps uncharacteristically, that should be enough of an indication for you to want to seek out professional help. 

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