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Be a giver this Christmas without going broke

New York inspired gift baskets

Be a giver this Christmas without going broke

Showing people that you loved them and being thoughtful can be very expensive if you are not creative. Of course, you can also go the cheap way and give socks to everyone but then, the gifts wouldn’t be so meaningful. So what’s the best way to show your thoughtfulness and affection to your loved ones without spending stacks of cash during your Christmas shopping spree?

Well, the answer is easy, budgeting and customization. Whether you’re a student, a single parent or someone simply running on a tight budget, the first thing you have to do is thinking thoroughly and figuring out how much money you can dispose of, in order to buy gifts for all the people on your list. Next, you have to really think on what are the particular preferences of each of those individuals; if you have any memorable shared experiences or if there’s any memento that holds a special meaning for those people, which you can take advantage of to make a beautiful and heartfelt gift out of it. And last but not least, you need to come up with a way of making whatever item you’ve chosen as a present a personalized gift tailored for each specific recipient.


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The following is a list of budget friendly ideas for you to give presents to all the important people in your life without making a hole in your pocket.

  • Parents
    If you think the “world’s best” coffee mug is too cliché you can try the same idea with a different approach. Does your dad love cooking? Or perhaps your mom loves reading; you can give your dad an apron and make a stencil to add a nice phrase to it. You can also get a book marker with a nice message for your mom which you can do completely from scratch.If your parents are foodies, try gourmet gift basket they can both share and enjoy together during the winter season. You can also try crafting some artwork for them or a picture frame for a picture of your last vacation together that they can put somewhere at home.


  • Siblings
    your siblings will appreciate pretty much anything that makes their lives easier. Think of cord holders to avoid messy ear bud cords, phone cases with built-in wallets or holders to watch videos on their phones, and so on. The coolest thing about these gifts, is that you can personalize them for each of your siblings depending on their style and taste.If your siblings have a sweet tooth, you can give them a gift box or basket with their favorite treats or pick-me-ups to tame their hunger throughout their busy college schedules. Further, if your siblings are avid readers or film buffs you can also make them happy with a gift box of their favorite movies or a book of their choice, in fact, you could even put together a folder with audio books or e-books on a topic they feel passionate about.


  • Colleagues
    Maybe you’re not all that familiar with your colleagues but there are still a few things that are useful and you can easily personalize to turn them into a nice present. Mugs or water bottles with your colleague’s name or a particular theme you know they like can be a nice gesture. You can also take a similar approach with key chains, note pads or mouse pads with gel support for the wrists.A succulent kit or a miniature garden can be a great gift and DIY versions of them are all over the internet. If your colleagues are into coffee breaks you can get them a gift basket with a nice selection of coffee and snacks to accompany their next cup of Joe.


  • Partners & Spouses
    A nice romantic gesture to remind your partner how much they mean to you can include a notepad, notebook or even an agenda with a cover that reads reasons why I love you and a loving message handwritten by you on the header or footer of every page.You can slo gift them a DIY sexy board game that the two of you can enjoy together, or a scratch-off map or earth globe for you to mark your travels together, and inspire future trips. You can also go for a customized Christmas staple that also serves as a way to celebrate your X Christmas together.
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