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Gifts you can give to your partner this Valentine’s day if you haven’t been together for long

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Gifts you can give to your partner this Valentine’s day if you haven’t been together for long

If you have been dating someone for more than a few weeks but less than 6 months and things seem to be going well. You might want to give your partner a nice gift but not one that’s going to make them freak out. Relationship protocol these days can be quite complicated but the following list features a few gift ideas for your not-so-new boo.


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  • A vinyl of their favorite band, a pair of cool headphones that match their personal style or a thoughtful mix tape or playlist can be a well appreciated gift if your partner is into music.
  • If your partner is into tech, gadgets and gizmos, you can give them a personalized smartphone case, cool accessories for their tablets, video game consoles or even a new video game they’ve been wanting for a while.
  • If you’re dating the chill, laid back, stay-at-home type, then you might want to consider giving them a gift they can enjoy in the comfort of their home. A good book, scented candles a gift basket with delicious treats or a collection of their favorite movies to enjoy them on a quiet weekend.
  • For those who fell for creative people, there are many things you can give them that they will appreciate deeply, from coloring books, to personalized stationery, custom-made puzzles –one made of their favorite picture with friends and family or maybe their favorite picture if he’s a photographer-. Also, gear for their camera or framed artwork could be a lovely gift if you play your cards right.
  • Are you dating a foodie? Well, gourmet gift baskets can make his Valentine’s day a total marvel. You can also give them a craft chocolate subscription box, a coffee box set, an assorted tea box from around the world or even a cookbook.
  • If your partner likes to travel, try a scratch map, a travel bucket list, a real-time translator device or perhaps a weekend getaway to a fun destination he or she hasn’t visited before.
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