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Why the gift of chocolate is one of the best you can give this holiday season

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Why the gift of chocolate is one of the best you can give this holiday season

Gift-giving can be tricky. Especially, if you’re not all too familiar with the recipient of the present. Most people stress about whether the gift is appropriate or not, or if the person will like it or not; if the recipient of the gift will actually use it or if the amount of money spent on the present is appropriate.

But if you want to make sure your holiday gifts won’t go wrong -unless someone has an allergy–, give someone the gift of chocolate, one of the world’s most renowned tokens of appreciation.

Chocolate is a good fit for present recipients of all ages. Whilst children get excited about receiving treats as gifts -especially sweet treats–, adults usually react with joy and childlike blissfulness when they receive chocolate as a gift. We’re all familiar with the excitement and joy of peeling off the foil of an Easter Egg or an exclusive and beautifully wrapped box of truffles or chocolate with special fillings.


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Furthermore, chocolate boxes make the perfect gifts for a birthday party, a housewarming gift, a thank you gesture when you’re invited to dinner, or a way to show your colleagues, clients, acquaintances and even your significant other how much appreciate them. In most cases a box of chocolates is well-received, unless the recipient is undergoing a diet or suffers from a an allergy to chocolate or any other ingredients that might be potentially present in the chocolate such as peanuts, dried fruits or others of the sort. However, if you know the person particular preferences, you could aim for a light or sugar-free chocolate selection or one that doesn’t contain nuts or other ingredients that might not suit the recipient’s taste, dietary or health requirements.

As previously explained, offering chocolate as a gift is a good fit for most occasions. In fact, many cultures have special selections of chocolate specifically made for a particular season or event. Such is the case of Easter eggs, the classic Christmas chocolates, special chocolates for the celebrations of the Chinese New Year or the Passover. Not to mention that many companies nowadays offer the opportunity to create or at least, customize chocolate bars or boxes to fit special occasions like Valentine’s day, anniversaries, graduations, special deals and offers, birthdays, corporate milestones and partnerships or even welcomes and farewells.

Chocolate is known for its luxurious and indulgent nature; but beyond that, chocolate offers certain benefits that make it even better as a gift. For example, it is said that chocolate, more specifically dark chocolate, can help counteract depression, improve circulation and is rich antioxidants. As a gift, chocolate carries a message of happiness, pampering and care, making it pretty obvious that the gift-giver wants to ensure maximum joy for the recipient of the gift.

If you’re not sure what to get for people this Christmas, try a New York inspired gift basket or gourmet gift basket with chocolate and other treats for your loved ones.

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