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Don’t be one of those in-laws and buy gifts people won’t hate

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Don’t be one of those in-laws and buy gifts people won’t hate

A recent study conducted amongst 2,000 adults has drawn attention to the fact that in-laws seem to be the one to give the worst gifts ever. Perhaps because they haven’t considered a gourmet gift baskets or maybe, because they just missed the rule of thumb of gift giving, the gift should be about the recipient.

Showing thoughtfulness towards something you don’t know all too well might seem a tad tricky. However, it doesn’t have to be; you can always get help from someone closer to the recipient of your gift, or simply pay more attention in order to grasp the preferences of the other person, so you can give them an appropriate gift. It doesn’t have to be anything too expensive or flashy as long as it is thoughtful.


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During the study, it was revealed that in spite of any good intention and kind heartedness, most people hate the gifts they receive from their mother or father in-law, and in fact, the reactions may vary greatly, from bewilderment to amazement at why would anyone would want such a gift, to feeling genuinely upset and offended because no one in their right mind would consider that as an appropriate gift.

Amongst the other people who often make poor choices when it comes to give gifts, the study listed aunts and uncles, colleagues and sisters. Furthermore, 1 out of 20 people said that not even their significant others can get it right when it comes to giving gifts. Actually, the study showed that 1 out of 10 people fall out with a loved one after they picked a terrible present.

On the flip side, and regardless of what many may think, most people are not that shallow and they take the gesture into account more than the present itself. Nevertheless, if you worry about gifts being on the undesirable side of the spectrum, you can check out this list so you know what to avoid this season.

  • Ill-fitting clothes, ugly clothes, sexy lingerie, boxers, pants, pajamas and dressing gown
  • Socks, ties, slippers and gloves
  • Bubble baths & Bath salts
  • Slogan T-shirts
  • Pot pourri and soap on a string
  • Toiletry kits
  • Movies the recipient has already seen
  • Candles
  • Handkerchiefs, scarves and knitwear
  • Pretentious food or drinks that don’t align with the recipient’s taste
  • Bad romance novels, joke books or books that don’t match the recipient’s taste in general
  • Calendars, address books, crossword books and photo frames
  • Jewelry that doesn’t align to the recipient’s style
  • Perfumes and aftershave lotions
  • Cleaning products
  • Mug sets, bottle of booze, saucepan sets, tea pots
  • Department store vouchers
  • Cufflinks, umbrellas
  • Anti-aging products
  • Aprons, cookery books, shortbread
  • Football memorabilia
  • Foot spa
  • Set of jams, diet plans
  • Party games and stationery
  • Experience days
  • De-icers

But not everyone sucks at giving gifts, the same study shed some light on who are the best gift givers and 20 percent of the participants said that kids were actually great at choosing presents for other people. Also, 4 out of 10 people said their life partners or significant others are usually spot on with their gifts.

And taking advice from the experts, amongst the best gifts are the following:

  • Music
  • Well-fitted clothes that match the recipient’s personal style and taste.
  • Personalized gifts and handmade items
  • Things that hold sentimental value
  • Jewelry or gift cards from the recipient’s favorite shop
  • Tickets to shows & concerts of the recipient’s favorite band/performer
  • Engagement rings
  • And well-thought gift baskets that meet the preferences of the recipient
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