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5 DIY gifts for the upcoming holidays

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5 DIY gifts for the upcoming holidays

2017 is almost gone, but before it ends we still have time to get together with our loved ones and celebrate the upcoming holidays. However, giving gifts might be an overwhelming position for some people. Whether it is because they don’t really know what could be a gift that the other person might like or because they’re on a budget, below there are 5 DIY gift ideas that might save you this holiday season.


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Being thoughtful doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank, there are a few ways in which you can show the people you love how much you care about them without spending lots of money. All you need is a little creativity, a good disposition and putting some effort into finding whatever it makes your loved ones tic, so the gift will be really personal and show how much care and value that person.

1. A customized keychain

This is the easiest of the bunch because you can go to a shop and get one made for almost nothing with customization included. Of course, you can go as low or high end as your budget allows you to. However, if you’re totally broke or if you really want to take the DIY idea to a whole new level, you can source the materials and do the keychain yourself from scratch.
First, you need to come up with an idea or concept for the keychain, will it be something simple like engraving a name on some sort of plaque or something more complicated like a small frame that holds a special picture or image, or maybe even a 3D figure that means something special. The options are endless and the end result will depend greatly on your resources, your creativity and your arts & crafts skills.

2. A mixtape.

We know, no one uses tapes anymore. However, your mixtape doesn’t have to be in an actual tape. With so many platforms for streaming music and devices for playing it, you can create a playlist in your own computer and upload it to the other person’s music player or create a playlist on Spotify, YouTube or the streaming service of your choice and share the link with them. You can go the extra mile by creating a lyric book – whether it is handwritten or digital.

3. A memories basket

This is an especial gift that may go from almost free to very expensive, depending on what your preferences are. A memories basket is the perfect gift if you want to help that person reminisce all the wonderful moments you’ve shared together. You can include photos, letters, snacks, drinks, postcards, mementos, and as many other things as you want. This is a very versatile idea, and you can decorate the box in many fun ways.

4. Books

You might be thinking that buying books is actually pretty expensive and it’s definitely not DIY, but let’s think out of the box for a minute. A book is always a great gift, and one that can be given to people of any age or background. There are various ways in which you can give a book as a present without having to buy an expensive hardcover book at your local bookshop.

For example, you can buy e-books that may be as cheap as $0.99. Even better, you can find free e-books across the internet and create a special folder with an especial dedication for that person. If the person is question is not super fond of reading or simply too short on time to sit down and read, you can also buy or download free audio books for them.

Wanna take it even further? If you’re feeling inspired, write your own short stories and assemble a book with all of them. There are lots of tutorial on the internet that show you how to put together a book. It can’t get more special than that.

 5. Artwork

If you’re an artist why not creating an exclusive piece of art for that person you love so much. From a special shot you snapped with your camera, a heartfelt painting created during a rainy afternoon or clay sculpture with a special meaning, if there’s something you have created with your own hands and that holds an especial value for you, giving it away to someone you truly care about might be one of the most meaningful gifts you can give to someone else.

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